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  • Ministry Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Extensive Experience in Eyebag Removal
  • Specialises in Natural Results
  • Minimum Downtime & Quick Recovery
  • Effective & Permanent Eyebag Removal
  • Fully Equipped Surgical Centre

Services Provided

  • Mild Eyebag

    Mild eyebags can be treated non surgically with fillers or skin tightening procedures such as Ulthera. Ulthera effectively lifts, tightens and contours skin and treats problems such as mild eyebags. Official protocols require only a single session to produce results.

  • Moderate to Severe Eyebag

    “Scarless” Lower blepharoplasty
    More mature patients, usually above 40 would be seeking this procedure for eyebag removal. This is a method of eyebag surgery which involves a hidden incision through the inner lining (conjunctiva) of the lower eyelid, approaching and treating the eyebag from an internal approach. It leaves no external scars and is known as the transconjunctival approach allowing access to the eyelid fat without visible incisions. This technique is perfect for patients who need fat removed and added.

    Fat Redistribution (newer technique)
    Fat Redistribution describes the use of the eyebag fat to fill in the hollows sometimes found just below the eyebags known as tear troughs. This advanced technique (hidden scarless incision) adds to the long-term result by avoiding potential hollowing from excessive fat removal and potentially avoids the need for fillers to address the tear troughs which appear with age.

About Dr Colin Tham

Dr Colin Tham is Singapore’s trusted plastic surgeon with extensive experience in eyebag removal surgery. He is trained internationally and provides advanced plastic surgery techniques including the scarless eyebag surgery.

Dr Tham has always been fascinated about plastic surgery since his earlier years and after obtaining his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland in 1992, he proceeded with his basic and advanced specialty training in surgery with the Singapore General Hospital. He was also admitted as a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Ireland) in 1999. He is also a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine (Singapore) and a committee member for the Singapore Chapter of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons.

Dr Tham subspecialised in the field of aesthetics from early in his career. In 2003, he was awarded a government Human Manpower Development Programme (HMDP) grant for a fellowship in Oriental Aesthetic Surgery at the prestigious ChangGung Memorial Hospital (Taiwan). In recognition of his technical expertise, Dr Tham was appointed a Silhouette Threadlift trainer in 2010. On a non-surgical front, Dr Tham has been involved in the previous development of Thermage and the current development of Ulthera, an FDA-approved non-invasive lifting device.

What To Expect On Your Initial Visit for Eyebag Surgery or Eyebag Removal

There are several important factors that come into play when deciding whether plastic surgery is the right option for you. One of the most important factors is your health. Being in good health greatly reduces the risk of complications occurring during surgery and leads to a speedy recovery. Next, you need to ask yourself what your motivations are. People who have plastic surgery generally find that the surgery enhances their overall appearance and self-esteem. Thirdly, you should have realistic expectations. Plastic surgery is both a science and an art, neither of which is perfect. Set reasonable goals as to the result you wish to achieve and be prepared to thoroughly discuss these goals during your initial consultation.

Meeting your Plastic Surgeon

Your consultation with Dr Tham is private time set aside for you to discuss all of your concerns and questions, directly, about any treatment you may be considering. No surgery should be taken lightly. To ensure you are comfortable and safe before, during, and after surgical treatment, Dr Tham requires one-to-one consultations with each patient so that both of you are confident in your decisions, and that he can confirm the treatment and care that is most appropriate for you. Your consultation is designed to fully inform you of the procedure that you are considering, and to discuss any other available options or considerations that may apply for your best outcomes.

As an expert plastic surgeon, Dr Tham will not recommend, or undertake, any surgery if he is not completely confident it will achieve the results you would like, or if there is a clinical reason why it would not be appropriate for you.


The ideal candidate for the TransConjunctival approach is a younger patient with isolated eyebags without significant skin laxity.

The surgery usually takes 60 to 90 minutes under local anaesthetic and light sedation.

Recovery from eyelid surgery is variable depending on the extent of the procedure and how quickly each individual patient heals. On average, most patients are able to return to work within a week, although sometimes the swelling from upper eyelid surgery may require some eye-shadow to disguise during the recovery stage. Most of our patients return to work within a week.

Our consultation fee is fixed at $100 regardless of duration. Should you decide to proceed with any procedure, financial counseling will be provided to help you make an informed decision.

We understand you may be busy and want to minimise your waiting time in our clinic. As such we strongly encourage you to make a prior appointment with our staff either through call or email. We will then schedule a time for our plastic surgeon to meet you.

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